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It’s that game this month. You know, the shooty one with the shouty men. I’m thinking of fish for some reason. As well as thingy we’ve also got FIFA 13, a look at the future of PS Vita and previews of Crysis 3, Borderlands 2, Lost Planet 3 and loads more. Lets take a look…

Black Ops 2

We actually went out to see Treyarch for our Black Ops 2 coverage. That included a studio tour, presentations, a personal demo and interviews with all the devs right up to top boss Mark Lamia. It gives our coverage an unrivaled level of access. You won’t find more info and opinion on BLOPs2 anywhere else.


We’ve also been to see FIFA 13 and interview producer David Rutter. There are big changes this year to the series and we’ve seen the game in action as well as sitting down with Rutter to chat about all the news stuff that’s coming.


It’s being called this year’s clash of the gaming titans. By Louise, who this month was called out by New Zealand singer-songwriter Ladyhawke. The two go head-to-head over a range of gaming challenges including everything from Street Fighter IV to Modern Warfare 3 and FIFA 12 to WipeoutHD. There can be only one winner.

As well as all that we’ve got reports on how the potential death of the high street could affect your gaming, Kratos’ return in God Of War: Ascension and we chat to industry legend Warren Spector about Epic Mickey 2. And we’ve got all the usual preview, reviews and opinion on all things PlayStation.

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