Uncharted 4: 5 treasures it should look for next

The Book of Thoth

It’s essentially the spell-tome of Thoth, the Egyptian god of writing and knowledge, and it’s full of stuff that humans shouldn’t know. Legend states that it contains two spells, one of which allegedly allows the reader to understand the speech of animals – not that exciting, unless you want to discuss leg-humping with Mr Wuffles –  and one enables the reader to perceive the gods; far more use for a megalomaniac Uncharted villain.

The book was initially hidden at the bottom of the Nile, but was retrieved by unpronounceable Egyptian prince Neferkaptah. Unsurprisingly, Neferkaptah was punished by the gods for nicking it, committing suicide then later becoming the vengeful spectral guardian of the book. Obligatory Supernatural Element: checked.

And what better place for a terryingly powerful tome than lost library the of Library of Alexandria. It was said to hold all the knowledge of the ancient world, and while it doesn’t really have any link to the Book of Thoth, a bit of artistic historical exaggeration never hurt anyone. It would also give Drake the opportunity to follow in the cloven footsteps of occultist poster-boy Aleister Crowley, a man who was dubbed by the media of the time as ‘wickedest man in the world’. No, not cool chunky trainers wicked.