Move over, Prometheus: 6 plot holes Aliens: Colonial Marines needs to tie up

When I spoke to Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford about his upcoming Aliens Colonial Marines, he hinted that the game will tie up a lot of plot holes that people have flagged up from Aliens and Alien 3:

“When we watch the movies we identify what seem to be inconsistencies, and every time that happens it’s an opportunity for us. Is that truly a mistake? Creators don’t make mistakes like that. There are reasons for these things… and they’re even better than you could imagine in a lot of cases.”

Pitchford even dropped hints to a link between the Colonial Marines game and Prometheus – warning that link could be a spoiler – hinting there may be more to that name than just Greek legend and the name of a space ship.

What exactly is Mr. Pitchford referring to? I don the space suit and venture into the dark recesses of the Aliens universe to find those ‘mistakes.’