Red Dead Redemption 2: 7 things we want from a killer cowboy sequel


Multiple playable heroes

Alright, so ‘heroes’ is probably pushing it. But having three or four playable outlaws would be the bomb… that a distinctly happy megalomaniac would ride like Buckaroo. Sergio Leone was the master of spinning Western yarns told from the point of view of contrasting protagonists. Look no further than Once Upon A Time In The West if you want to see how effective this device can be. Now imagine another Rockstar cowboy tale putting you simultaneously in the spurs of a Charles Bronson-style gun-slinger, a comic bandit in the style of Jason Robards’ Cheyenne and a villain so dastardly they’d make Henry Fonda’s evil doer look like the Milky Bar Kid. The more varied the cast, the more variety you could have in missions, too.