Black Ops 2 multiplayer changing everything: set to “challenge long held assumptions”

Black Ops 2 PS3 screens

David Vonderhaar, game design director at Treyach as been giving out some Black Ops 2 multiplayer info. According to Vonderhaar this is the first time an installment in the series won’t, “start from where we left the last game”.

Vonderhaar said, “It’s very typical to start from where you left the last game. You take everything you had from the previous game and you build from there”. This time however BLOPs 2 is taking a different route. “But that’s not what we’re doing at all,” explains Vonderhaar. “Lets take all this stuff we had and strip it down to its core. Let’s challenge these long held assumptions we’ve had about how systems work. Why does create a class work the way it does. Why do killstreaks work the way they do. Why is the unlock progression exactly the way its been before. Why do we have to start with what we had before?”

What this means is that Black Ops 2 is being built according to what’s a “well-designed gameplay system”, rather than simply building on previous installments. “Let’s challenge the assumption we have to start from the game we had before, says Vonderhaar. “Figure what’s really important to the game and keeping it simple and fast and pure and clean. Let’s get rid of some baggage. Let’s just create a really well created gameplay system period; regardless of whether we had it before.”

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