Black Ops 2 will “surprise and innovate every area” says game’s boss

Black Ops 2 PS3 screens

According to Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia, Black Ops 2 will “surprise and innovate in every area”. Speaking to Official PlayStation Magazine UK he said his team had “really ambitious goals” adding “I’m very proud of [the team] wanting to take on the challenge of not just iterating on BLOPs but coming up with great new innovative gameplay on every front.”

When we asked Lamia how he intended to beat BLOPs 1 (currently still the biggest game of all time after Modern Warfare 3 failed to beat its sales) he told us it was all about, “pushing it on every front whether it’s the campaign, the multiplayer or the zombies”.

He also talked about some of the new elements Black Ops 2′s 2025 future setting introduces. “You can fly quad-rotors in our game,” (Shown off in this Black Ops 2 teaser video.) “You can drive drones, you can control drones on the battlefield as soldiers will do. A decade out you’ll have the ability to do that, which is a totally new gameplay dimension that’ll be added.

One major new change for the series is that for the first time Black Ops 2 will see Call Of Duty offer divergent gameplay with player choices yielding different experiences and options. “I think players can have some pretty different experiences playing Black Ops 2, in a way that they’ve never had with any COD game.” Explains Lamia. “There’s different narratives for each of the characters. There’s narratives for the villain. There’s a narrative that’s the geo-political situation that’s going on. And the choices that you make while playing the game will affect all that.”

You can see the first part of our Mark Lamia Black Ops 2 video interview here.

Read our full interview with Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia in our exclusive Call Of Duty: Black Ops II feature in issue 71 of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, on sale May 15th.