The PlayStation Quiz: guess that sword

6. Ryu Hayabusa, Ninja Gaiden
A ninja is only as good as his sword, and Hayabusa’s trademark dragon blade is a precision tool of destruction worthy of a martial arts master.

7. Pyramid Head, Silent Hill 2
It’s called the ‘great knife’, but you wouldn’t find this in a kitchen drawer. You can use it yourself towards the end of the game, but it’s slow and cumbersome. And probably smells bad too.

8. Raiden, Metal Gear Solid 2
The Metal Gear series’ futuristic ‘high frequency blades’ are favoured by wearers of the cyborg ninja armour, and, of course, effete, floppy-haired hero Raiden.

9. Sora, Kingdom Hearts
Is it a key? Is it a blade? No, it’s a keyblade, silly. Whether or not this is a sword is up for debate, but it’s just as deadly in the right hands.

10. Amaterasu, Okami
Yes, it is actually possible for a wolf to use a sword, despite not being in possession of opposable thumbs. How? Magic, of course.

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