Far Cry 3 PS3 interview with designer Daniel Berlin: team play, map editors and beating COD

Far Cry 3 ps3 multiplayer hands on preview

Official PlayStation Magazine UK Could explain more about Far Cry 3‘s  team play system? 

Daniel Berlin The idea is that we want to reward and encourage team play. We want to make sure that all the friends around, they matter. This means that we’ve have created a series of team play interactive specific features that infuse the core gameplay. Those are reviving for example, and everyone can revive everyone else.

Then you have the Far Cry 3′s battle cries which are a shout that you give out to boost the allies you have in close proximity. By doing this you get a certain resource called team support points. The interesting things about the team support points is that it’s given by doing team play actions but it gives you access to team support weapons. The team support weapon are heavy weapons you call in like you get a pirate on a helicopter who has a big barrel of chemical gas that he pushes out and everyone who gets affected by it goes crazy and sees everyone as demons with glowing eyes, you can’t tell friend from foe and we turn on friendly fire.

Far Cry 3 video interview with designer Daniel Berlin

OPM Earlier you suggested it would be a good idea toi be a lone wolf?

DB We didn’t want to punish someone who wants to run around and shoot people on their own, that’s fine. It’s not going to break the game for the people you’re playing with. It’s a soft team play requirement, it’s not that harsh.

We didn’t want it to be a type of gameplay where your team must take this wall down to progress and you need a guy playing this class to do it. If that guys not doing his job then the entire thing breaks. That’s not we want. Really giving a carrot to people who team play by giving them access to the big weapons. The guy at the end at the top of the scoreboard is probably the guy who’s been team playing the most.

OPM You’ve spoken about the classes being open. Are they more a case of defining your load outs rather than skills and abilities?

Far Cry 3 ps3 multiplayer hands on previewDB The classes are very open. The classes in the game today were created by us for this build. When you create a new class you click ‘new class’ and you can add whatever you want. You can have whatever weapon you want, whatever skill you want, whatever battle cry you want. You build it however you want it.

OPM Can you explain the three different teirs of the special weapons you can earn?

DB It’s basically tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3. Tier one is a slightly cheaper, easy to get team, support weapon. The one you played with is the scout, it’s basically you have scouts around the jungle and they will tell you where the enemies are and mark them on the map. The second one is the psych gas which makes everyone go crazy and shoot their friends. The third one is a oil barrel that falls and when it hits the ground and splatters everywhere and right after it comes a second one but that one is one fire; it ignites and explodes. However we’re going to feature more of these in the full game so as you level up your character you’re going to unlock new support weapons you can choose and customise.

OPM And how you access these different specials?

DB It’s a personal resource for me and only me but I get it by doing team play actions. So if I revive you I get a certain number of points. In order to get the cool stuff that gets you a lot of kills you have to team play.