Prototype 2: 8 vital survival tips: our guide to staying alive

Prototype 2 preview hands on gameplay

Essential weapons! Enemy strategies! Upgrade tips! Dominate the hell that is New York Zero and help James Heller crush Alex Mercer with our essential guide to getting the drop on super sandboxer Prototype 2.

Prototype 2 preview hands on gameplayDon’t kill everyone (straight away)

Prototype 2’s not a massively tough game, but unless you play smart you’ll find that arty B&W low-health screen appearing a heck of a lot. Heller doesn’t regenerate health inside of combat – so to boost your bar when engaging baddies you’ll need to either consume enemies or humans. Opt for the latter whenever possible, especially if they don’t fight back!

Ergo, be careful during scripted showdowns not to accidentally kill civilians as you rend ‘n tear away – they might provide a vital source of health when you’re struggling five minutes down the line. The same goes for weaker Blackwatch troops. Identify obvious threats – mostly alpha mutants and heavy weapon-toting troops – and prioritise your takedowns.

Prototype 2 preview hands on gameplayMaster the right skills

During the game as you break through various EP thresholds Heller ‘evolves’ his core abilities – which include flight, health, resistance to detection and so on. Health doesn’t sound glamorous but will prevent irritating deaths early doors. Once unlocked, vehicle finishers are also hugely handy. During certain – and especially the latter – stages of the adventure you’ll be swamped with APCs, tanks and choppers – being able to destroy them by leaping on them and simply pressing triangle once is a godsend!

As soon as you acquire tendrils (second offensive arm power up) start spamming the Black Hole attack (hold down whichever button is assigned to tendrils). It’s a bit cheap but it takes decent chunks of health off baddies and, more importantly, provides you with a long range attack/a few more seconds’ breathing space that the rest of Heller’s arsenal – guns, sapping AOE attacks and the long-time-to-acquire chain arm apart – simply don’t provide.

Take out rocket launchers fast

Watch out for guns with rocket launchers – the familiar beeeeeeep as it locks on and ploughs into you will drive you mental, remove hefty chunks of health and send Heller flying, leaving him open to further melee attacks. Therefore, in the many open fire fights where both Blackwatch and Super Soldiers/mutants/Evolved are in the mix be sure to take down the rocket-toting guys ASAP. They’re dangerous /and irritating.

Prototype 2 preview hands on gameplay

Focus your attacks

Not easy this, but when you’re paired up against multiple Hunter mutants – and this cheap trick gets rolled out a /lot – try to single one out and focus on wearing its health bar down as speedily as possible. Waste your attacks by spreading them too thinly and these foes will team up to take you down. If you’re being harassed by three of more, try a Devastator attack, or – if there’s room – try and isolate them among the rooftops.