The Playstation Quiz: Spot that beard!


Guan Yu – Dynasty Warriors/Warriors Orochi/Dynasty Tactics/Kessen
Whoa mama, that’s a hell of an overgrown ‘Fu Manchu’ this bad boy has got. His obscurity is balanced by appearing in loads of those Koei games.


Hugo Strange – Batman: Arkham City
Hugo has opted for an ‘Amish Chinstrap’ here as befitting a man with a fanatical devotion. And no sense of style.


Bitores Mendes – Resident Evil 4
Resi 4’s big bad boss is another bald/beard combo with stability issues. He does have loads of limbs by the end of the game though.


Shang Tsung – Mortal Kombat
The ageing ‘Fu Manchu’ is a dead giveaway, this wrinkly bastard seems to have been around forever.


LeChuck – Tales of Monkey Island
He of the buccaneering beard, this fetching number in black and green is a lovely addition to any plank walking party.