Witcher 2 sex, building a PS4 and an HTC One review: the weekly news round up 13/4/12

Dishonored PS3 trailer analysis

This we’ve got a HTC One review, a break down of the Dishonored trailer and 5 Skyrim problems Bethesda needs to fix for Fallout 4. Here’s the latest from out sister sites TC, CVG and the Golden Joysticks.


Loewe Air Speaker review

HTC One S review

Nikon D3200 review

Official Playstation

Here’s an info packed Dishonored trailer analysis with info.

Based on the romoured specs we build a PS4 and see what it can do.

BAsed on all the evidence we been looking into what to expect from the Skyrim DLC.


Witcher 2 Guide and Tips- get rich, grab the best weapons, never lose in combat

5 Skyrim problems Bethesda needs to fix for Fallout 4

Golden Joystick

Why bother playing the game when we’ve got all the Witcher 2 sex here.

There’s more Witcher 2 video action here.

Dragon’s Dogma is turning out to be a surprise hit. Watch it in action here.

Super Mario 4 domain registered by Nintendo