God of War 4 called Ascension gets trailer, packshot and Spring 2013 release date

Amazon have apparently outed God Of War 4, now called Ascension, with a (now removed) product page that featured a packshot, trailer and spring 2013 release date.

PlayStation’s Facebook page had teased a God Of War 4 reveal for today but it seems Amazon jumped the gun.

The trailer hints at a prequel, talking about ‘the time before’ Kratos was a god/mad/psychopathic, while showing him suspended and tormented by monsters and people.

Specifically, the trailer mentions ‘a time before he was known as the Ghost of Sparta’ and that he would ‘break his blood oath to an unjust god’. That places the game’s events before he killed his family but while he was still indentured to Ares.

Stay tuned for more.