Aliens: Colonial Marines dev confirms what you can and can’t do from the film

Aliens Colonial Marines PS3 Screens

We sat down with Aliens: Colonial Marines’ design lead John Mulkey to check though a tick list of film essentials we want to see on PS3: calling in the dropship, nuking the site from orbit – that sort of thing. Here’s what he had to say.

Official PlayStation Magazine Can I give team orders better than Lt Gorman did?

John Mulkey No. It’s not a squad-based game, it’s a full-on experience – we want you to really ‘be’ the guy.

OPM Can I deploy sentries?

JM Yep. Anywhere you want. It’s straightforward – you can pick it up, deploy it, and it’s automated just like the movie, so it senses motion, blasts everything, runs out of ammo, and then you’re sad.

OPM Can I call in help from the dropship?

JM Umm… [Pause] I’m gonna say no. There are still some things on the fence, so we’ll see. It’s a maybe.

OPM Can I fight the alien queen?

JM Well, it’s an Aliens game, so I’m going to say yeah to that, probably.

OPM Can I nuke the site from orbit?

JM [Laughs] No. No you cannot.

OPM Can I drive the APC?

JM Oh, wow, grinding it until the trans-axle’s blown? [Laughs] That’s a maybe.

OPM Can I walk down a corridor with only a motion tracker for company?

JM Yeah, the motion tracker’s seriously integrated into the game, so yes.