E3 2012 games: what we really want to see on PS3

Grand Theft Auto 5

It’s all gone rather quiet on the GTA 5 front and a follow up trailer at the very least would do nicely, Rockstar. A current rumour from a dev CV hints at an October release date but that seems very soon compared to the March 2013 we had pencilled in. It would make sense to deliver the release date in June and at least we could all stop speculating and have something real to write headlines about. We also want to see more of what we’ll be getting up to in Los Santos and a few multiplayer details wouldn’t go amiss either.


Dead Space 3

Chances are that this is definitely lurking somewhere just waiting to scare us silly once again.  Rumours last year hinted at a frozen planet where Issac would have to fight against blizzards as well as killer monstrosities and (rather fittingly) apparently the Frostbite engine will be utilised. A reveal at E3 would be an exciting prospect and we expect a super glossy teaser if nothing else.


Aliens Colonial Marines PS3 Screens

Aliens: Colonial Marines

The much delayed xenomorph fest from this months cover, Aliens Colonial Marines will hopefully be showing off more of what it’s like to be the hunted instead of the hunters. We’re expecting some strong stuff from Gearbox as they prepare for a winter release date and another sighting of the single player experience would be a nice carrot to get us in the mood.


Assassins Creed 3

Assassin’s Creed 3

We’ve seen a wealth of information on new Assassin Connor and the engine updates that makes Assassin’s Creed 3  one of the most anticipated games of this year but we have had no information whatsoever on 2012 dweller Desmond. Since he’s, y’know, the linking factor between all the games in the entire franchise, Ubisoft might be planning on letting a few details slip regarding his story. A little more than the tight lipped “There will be Desmond sections’” we received in Montreal. New York is one of the two sprawling cities in the game but having seen neither hide nor hair of it, it would be great to see The Big Apple in all its 18th century glory. There’s also been no multiplayer information other than a leaked screen suggesting Assassin’s Creed 3 will have 4 player co-op so a confirmation either way on that would will be just spiffing. As Ubisoft are well ahead of the game and were very close to alpha in March, a hands on demo would be the very welcome layer of icing on a hidden blade riddled cake before the October release date. We don’t want much. Honest.


Red Dead Redemption 2

A sneaky Rockstar ‘insider’ says this is on the cards. Apparently entitled ‘Red Dead Rebellion’ we know nothing else about the gun slinging sequel other than the fact that we want it. Now.


The Last Guardian

Maybe this really is just our wish list after all but we’d very much like to see more of The Last Guardian.  After all the news last year about developer Fumito Ueda working on a contract basis and the constant delays, is a release date and some game play too much to ask for?


Dishonored ps3 screens


A supernatural stealth action FPS from Arkane Studios, Dishonoured has quietly become one to watch out for – see our Dishonoured PS3 screens and info – and we can’t wait to see more. With supernatural powers, protagonist Corvo can possess creatures and apparate but apparently we’re given a world of choice about how to progress through environments. Hopefully we’ll see some gameplay for ourselves after seeing the epic New Dishonoured trailer in all it’s glory.