What’s in the Skyrim DLC? The pre-release evidence examined

Skyrim’s not had an easy time on PS3 but one thing’s carved in stone by diamond-hard dragon talons: we are getting Skyrim DLC. A recent announcement stated “Bethesda Game Studios has been hard at work on creating the first set of game add-ons. This additional content will add new quests, locations, features, and much more to the world of Skyrim. Stay tuned, we hope to officially announce what it is soon.” With that in mind let’s examine all the quotes, tweets and other evidence to answer the question: what’s in the Skyrim DLC?

First up, lets take a look at the steady slew of post-release patches Bethesda has been churning out. After 1.4 finally cauterised the gaping Rimlag wound, Skyrim version 1.5 introduced sexed-up killcams into the mix and now Kinect-enabled dragon shouts have been confirmed.

Why should we care about what the other console is getting? Because both additional killcams and the ability to physically yell your attacks into the screen cropped up in Bethesda’s ‘Game jam’ video. This trailer showcased a one-week create-a-thon where Bethesda’s devs were freed of all design shackles, and allowed to make whatever they wanted and stick it in the game – a long-running studio tradition. Wade through the GIANT ENEMY MUDCRABS and you’ll find ace little tweaks like seasonal foliage, dynamically flowing water and – most exciting of all – mountable dragons.

Speculation the ‘Game jam’ ideas will eventually find their way into Skyrim has been given extra weight by the enigmatic tweets of Bethesda’s VP of Marketing, Pete Hines. In response to former head of Kotaku, Brian Crecente asking whether or not the game jam ideas would make it into the final game, Hines responded with an evasive ‘Maaaaaaaybe.’

He's not denying it, so it must be true.

Stick-on certainty, then. However, we’re more inclined to believe these ideas will be included free as part of future patches and updates. Skyrim director Todd Howard has already let slip future DLC packs will have ‘a lot of meat on them,’ and so we’re expecting full-blown quests and maybe even additional areas – which doesn’t seem at all implausible when you consider Oblivion’s chunky expansions, ‘Knights of the Nine’ and ‘Shivering Isles.’