Free PS Vita app Paint Park available to download tomorrow, Treasure Park and Wake-Up club to follow


PS Vita will be getting Paint Park tomorrow on the PSN for free. It’s simple art program that lets you doodle away using the touchscreen and both the front and rear camera. It’s even got six player ad hoc multiplayer. Your guess is good as mine as to how that works…

Treasure Park

It’s the first of three free apps on the way. The next is something called Treasure Park which lets you create and share puzzles. It links into Near to let you find and share puzzles using 3G wehen you’re out and about. It’s currently got a summer release date.

Also coming in summer is the slightly odd concept of Wake Up Club. It’s some sort of social alarm clock that sysnc with other PS Vita owners who’re getting up at the same time.Not sure what to make of that one, seems a bit creepy.

Thanks EU Blog