The PlayStation Quiz: whose tattoo?


Game designers love nothing more than covering characters in tattoos. It’s the best way to tell the player: hey, this guy’s a badass, because he’s happy to pay some other guy to stab him with an ink-covered electric needle. Here we have ten famous examples of digital ink. Can you name them all?

1. Jecht – Final Fantasy X
Hero Tidus’ father, who goes mental, turns into a giant whale, and destroys the world. This tattoo is the emblem of his former Blitzball team, the Zanarkand Abes.

2. Jack – BioShock
The hero of BioShock is under the spell of his creator, Andrew Ryan, and the shackles on his wrists symbolise his enslavement. Oooh, meaningful.

3. Faith – Mirror’s Edge
The star of Mirror’s Edge. Faith is an athletic courier fighting tyranny in a dystopian city stripped of personality and colour by EVIL CORPORATIONS. Boo!

4. James Vega – Mass Effect 3
Vega’s the newest member of the Normandy crew. He has a neck tattoo because he’s a badass. The tattoo needle probably snapped off like twenty times while he was getting it done ’cause he’s so buff.

5. El Burro – Grand Theft Auto 3
“You know why they call me the donkey?” asks the Mexican Diablos gang leader in GTA3. Er, we’d rather not know, to be honest. We doubt it’s because he likes carrots. Nice prison-style ink, though.