Official PlayStation’s Journey memories

Dave's Journey

Dave Meikleham, acting news editor

His name was Gilrod. That’s the PSN moniker that flashed across my screen upon finishing this damn near indescribably good adventure. I stumbled into him during Journey’s opening puzzle, and our pair of hooded entities stayed together for the next two-and-a-bit bewitching hours. We braved snow-ravaged mountains, baking deserts and cavernous underground halls. If either of us fell slightly behind, the other waited. We… eh, both got clobbered repeatedly by huge snake thingies that wanted to ruin our beautifully woven, billowing scarves.

Sure, we were briefly parted – usually through me borking platforming bits – and each time the sense of isolation in Journey’s barren world was deafening. But our paths would always cross again. We took almost every step of our pilgrimage together, until we physically couldn’t take another. It’s the most fragile, delicate sense of actual co-operation I’ve ever experienced in a co-op game. And it’s this sense of companionship and genuine connection that arguably makes Journey PS3’s best game. God bless you, Gil.