Aliens: Colonial Marines’ lead writer has something to say about the Mass Effect 3 petition



Okay, Mikey Newman, the story lead on Aliens: Colonial Marines, doesn’t specifically say Mass Effect but there aren’t any other games being petitioned right now are there? [Checks] No, good. As a creative man he’s obviously very passionate about the whole ending debacle and has a few words to say.

The when asked about how to treat Aliens: Colonial Marine’s canon he says: “Don’t do the thing that makes people write petitions on the internet. You have no right to petition people in art ….God damn it…You don’t I don’t give a sh*t. That’s on me, that’s not gearbox that’s totally me. You have no right to petition artists to change their art. You can not like it, you can not buy it, you can not enjoy it, that’s fine, bitch all you want you can not petition them.”

Here’s the full interview: