PS Vita firmware update v1.65 goes up, comes down again


A message on the EU blog currently reads:

PS Vita system software update 1.65 has been taken down temporarily due to a technical fault. For any customers who may have already downloaded the firmware, they can continue as normal. We will notify you once the latest system software update is available to download again

There’s no word on what that technical fault is but if you didn’t get it while it was up you’re not missing too much. CAPS LOCK IS PROBAB… Sorry, caps lock is probably the biggest new addition as well as some tweaks to Live Area, notifications and power settings. Here’s the full list:

  • You can now disable the notification alert messages that indicate when friends sign in, messages are received and other activities. To disable these alerts, got to [Settings] > [Sound & Display] > check/uncheck [Notification Alerts]. Additionally, Notification alerts will now display for five seconds instead of three seconds
  • ‘After 10 Minutes’ has been added as an option in [Power Save Settings] > [Auto Standby]
  • An arrow will indicate when new activities are available in LiveArea
  • Caps Lock is now supported by the on-screen keyboard. Simply double-tap the Shift key to enable it.

Get more over at the EU Blog.