The PS4 future rocket: the 5 games we’ll leave behind



Simmer down, simmer down – we’re not saying Uncharted isn’t the best series on PS3 because lets face it – it is. But lets look at Naughty Dog’s history – they’ve been awesome since Crash Bandicoot on PS1. When they dumped the tangerine marsupial on PS2 everyone got really sad, until we all realised Jak and Daxter was even more brilliant. Then when it came to PS3 and they cut all ties with the lovable platform duo, out came the pitchforks once again. But wait! OMFG! Uncharted! The point is this; we’re all idiots who don’t know what we want until Naughty Dog give it to us. If they follow suit and crank out something un-Uncharted on PS4, who’s to say it won’t kick Drake in the daddy sack? No? Sigh. Go for the legs then, I don’t really need those.