The PS4 and beyond as predicted nine years ago

Future PS3

When rumours of PS4 and Orbis hit the net yesterday the first thing I thought of was a small piece written for Official PlayStation 2 Magazine back in 2004. It was called “10 Glorious Decades In The Future Of PlayStation” – a supposedly throwaway back page regular charting a fictional century of Sony consoles.

But this back page was written by Steve Williams, consistently one of the darkest and funniest voices in games journalism for the last ten years (he’s very recently moved into sports publishing – our loss). In his hands it became a surreal charge through a future of spiralling litigation, ludicrous consumer tech wars and cosmic despair.

As a staff writer who’d been with the mag a month or so I found the relentless laughs and imagination in the piece equal parts inspiring and depressing. And as the air of lunacy and pretention swirling around yesterday’s rumour shows, it still holds up as a sharp satire. Try it yourself: sub “Orbis” for any of the pretend consoles Steve came up with in the piece below and it’s still just as funny.


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