PS3 Home gets free-to-play shooter, RPG and Pirate adventure

No mans land PS3 Home free to play

Like, proper actual games. Not the previous Home-based sort-of games. The titles in question are Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder, No Man’s Land and Mercia. Guess which one’s the pirate game. Go on, guess. 

Cutthroats is a navel combat adventure that sees ships with multiple players blowing the bejesus out of each other with cannons, No Man’s Land is a post-apocalyptic shooter while Mercia is a swords, spells and leather underpants style RPG.

Most importantly all of them are ‘freemium’. So ‘free’, then, but with an option to skip the grinding to unlock and buy extra bits depending on your lack of patience or fondness for upgrades. Cutthroats is out now, No Man’s Land is aiming for a spring release date and Mercia is dateless at the moment.

There are more details over at the EU Blog