New PS4 details: PlayStation Orbis with devs already, won’t play PS3 disks and features anti-used game tech


New rumors have emerged regarding PS4. Sources claim it’s currently called Orbis (and that might be the actual name) it uses both an AMD CPU and GPU, and has a release date of sometime around the 2013 ‘holiday season’ (that’s Christmas in England). Dev kits are already with ‘select’ developers and it will also apparently feature some kind of anti-used game functionality 

According to Kotaku the information’s from “a reliable source who is not authorized to talk publicly about next-gen hardware but has shared correct information with us before”. Clearly whoever they are don’t quite get the concept of ‘not talking publicly’. Maybe they need a check  list: Are you talking to a journalist? Yes? Then shut the hell up.

The name’s interesting as it’s been pointed out that ‘Orbis Vita’, or Orbis Vitae in proper Latin apparently means ‘circle of life’. If the info is correct it suggests PS4 and PS Vita could be tightly linked in the future. Sony’s UK MD and VP Fergal Gara has spoken before about the PS Vita’s ten year life span, clearly indicating it’ll be around to transition from PS3 to 4. Michel Denny on the other hand has also talked about “a PlayStation ecosystem: a high-end home console and a high-end portable console that really talk to each other”.

Adding further credence to the name is the fact that is a functioning URL on the website. It doesn’t actually go to a PS4 page but it works so it means something to Sony. Try swapping ‘PS4′ for ‘Orbis’ in the address bar and it returns an error.

The hardware being discussed is an AMD x64 CPU and AMD Southern Islands GPU. Leaked AMD info has been linked to PS4 in the past but nothing specific. Apparently the Southern Islands name is part of a range of high end PC cards that can handle 4096×2160 resolutions, suggesting Sony are being very forward thinking in terms of TV screen sizes.

Less exciting are claims that PS4 won’t even bother with backwards compatibility for PS3 games and utilise some sort of anti-used game features – either through digital downloads or linking disks to PSN accounts. I don’t like the sound of that at all.

Thanks Kotaku