Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Binary Domain and Final Fantasy XIII-2 – the cheapest PS3 games this week 23/03/12

resident evil operation raccoon city binary domain final fantasy xiii-2

Have you just had your footie pools come quids in/enjoyed a raise/robbed a small delicatessen? Good for you. Then may we point your good self in the direction of some impulse PS3 purchases.

The big release:

Capcom breaks its long established mould this week with its foray into move-and-shoot territory, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Whilst not scaling the heights of its forebears it is certainly worth a look; find out why in our Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City PS3 review. The best offer we could find is The Game Collection’s £34.75 deal. It’s an undead bargain, plus delivery is free, too.

The best deal:

If you haven’t dropped the cash on Square-Enix’s latest pink-haired iteration, it’s going for a staggering £16.85 at Shop.Net. Read our Final Fantasy XIII-2 review to find out why it’s worth tens of hours of your life on this floaty rock.

Worth a punt:

Binary Domain should be a real contender for your pennies this week, as it provides solid and entertaining android annihilation for the low low price of £19.99 at Whilst it’s never going to compare favourably to the juggernaut that is Mass Effect 3, the ending will certainly provide less controversy. Honestly, we genuinely kinda love it, as our Binary Domain PS3 review attests.