Dust 514 lets players build and sell guns for real money

dust 514 guns

Right, that’s it: I’m quitting to sell proton-powered sniper rifles when Dust 514 comes out later this year. Atli Mar, the game’s creative director, has said not only can players create new weapons and equipment, but they’ll be able to sell them on Dust’s in-game Market.

During my interview (which I’ll be putting up in full later) he talked about Dust 514′s Market saying, “Some items you purchase for real money and you can trade them with players that have items that are bought with in-game money.” He then mentioned the ability to craft equipment.

When I asked him if that meant Dust players making their own guns he replied, “Yes. It’s awesome. Imagine picking up loot on a planet and selling it on the secondary market place. Someone who buys it is using that as a component in research of new blueprints that he can sell to players. He’s effectively made a better weapon or a better vehicle that he can sell to players.”

Interestingly that means you could have people who play Dust but aren’t there to fight. “The industrialists and the politicians and the Machiavellian schemers, you know, all of that will be in Dust as well” explains Mar.