5 dream game crossovers

dream games

Dreams are great. They’re the place you can imagine electro hot A-list actresses throwing themselves at your feet (or other extremities). They let you imagine Crystal Palace winning the Champions League with a last minute extra time winner courtesy of Mile Jedinak. And they’re also where you can imagine great gaming series coming together in fantasy crossovers.

So in the spirit of wishing for things that’ll never happen, we daydream about L.A. Noire crossing with Heavy Rain, Metal Gear joining forces with GTA and… eh, Football Manager combining with WWE 12.

L.A. Noire meets Heavy Rain

"Say 'JASON' one more time, buddy. See what happens..."

Joel Gregory, reviews editor

This may initially seem as experimental as breeding a chicken with…a slightly larger chicken, but hear me out. My dream crossover would be L.A. Noire meets Heavy Rain. Not one for adrenaline junkies – paced more like watching lawn green bowls on slow-mo than Wipeout meets SSX – but the potential in such a crime-thriller mash-up is huge.

L.A. Noire was an incredibly ambitious game which just fell short on delivering what would have made it one of the genuine greats: consequences. Although your detective work did affect how well you solved each case, the actual repercussions if you got things wrong were minimal. And yet that was what Heavy Rain nailed the most: if you messed up, it mattered. It mattered more than in almost any other game you can think of.

So combine the two and you’d have something really special. Multiple police protagonists working to solve cases, but in an emergent world so that those cases could be left uncompleted, or failed altogether. Officers could be killed in the line of duty and, if you go the full Clouseau, the bad guys can win.

"Look, buddy! We know you gave Jason the balloon, which means we're 45% sure you're the Origami Killer."

Practically, this would probably take ten years and $500 million to make, but it’s my fantasy and I’m sticking to it. Only one rule: any French children caught putting on abysmal American accents will be taught the full meaning of the phrase ‘police brutality’.