David Cage on PS Vita and PS4

ps4 ps vita david cage

He might be pushing PS3 to its limits with GDC’s incredible Kara demo, but Quantic Dream’s David Cage also has an interest in developing (presumably really French and ultra emotional) games for Vita. Speaking to the Papa of Interactive Drama at GDC a few weeks ago, Cage revealed his admiration for Sony’s new handheld and even had something to say about PlayStation 4.

When asked if he balances his work around console cycles, Cage replied: “The hardware doesn’t matter that much. I think what we do would work very well on a Vita. It could be shorter, episodic and something you just play for ten minutes at a time. The narrative form would work on any platform. It would work on an iPhone, it would work on a Vita and it clearly works on PlayStation. Telling stories is a very universal thing.”

So many Karas...

Not done there, the man behind gaming’s most sinister shopping centre clown continued talking about the potential power of future PlayStation consoles and how that would affect his games. “Whether it’s on PlayStation 3, 4, 5 or 6 the process of writing a good script, working with actors, building characters etcetera etcetera… in the future we’ll do it with more polys and more textures, but fundamentally what we learn right now will remain consistent.”

Though Cage’s enchanting android mini-movie is unlikely to be turned into a full PS3 game, he’s gone on record as saying his next game will “look much better than Kara.” We believe you, Dave. Now please show us the ruddy thing at E3.