13 Games So Bad You Have To Play Them

Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2009


What is it?

A hunting sim that allows you to channel your inner homicidal redneck by letting you track and kill some of the globe’s most deadly and endangered species of big cats, bears and the occasional Congolese giant forest hog.

Why is it pap?

It looks as appealing as a hyena’s arse (the engine seemingly hasn’t had much of an upgrade since the PS2 days), while the framerate is like watching a kid’s flipbook. Oh, and you have to perform a horribly jarring Sixaxis-sponsored QTE roughly every 22 seconds.

Why play it?

Sometimes in games, as in life, you just have to slaughter yourself some Asiatic black bears. For such occasions, there really is just one PS3 series that can service such mammal-murdering desires. Shooting might be wonky like a ride in a Reliant Robin, but the sheer comedy value of slaying ludicrously aggressive virtual critters in their droves is the guiltiest of WWF-infuriating pleasures.


Making exhausting Sixaxis gestures as you stab a leopard right in its spotty face. And another. And another.

Issue #27 Score 3/10