13 Games So Bad You Have To Play Them

Destroy All Humans! Path Of The Furon


What is it?

The most bargain-bin GTA wannabe you could possibly imagine. Just make sure you switch out causing gleeful, city-wide chaos for giving puny humans impromptu rectal exams.

Why is it pap?

Not only is Path Of The Furon bad, it’s so bad THQ scrapped its US release, while its developer went out of business a month before release. Probably because the game is missing countless sound effects, the action is hugely repetitive and you can only land your flying saucer in predetermined areas after completing abysmal mini-games.

Why play it?

It’s a ’70s B-movie parody that lets you probe people and fly a jetpack, and whose star sounds like a slightly brain-damaged Australian relative of Jack Nicholson. It’s also executed in such gloriously half-arsed, winningly daft fashion, it’s hard not to root for. The last Destroy All Humans game we’ll likely ever see, and frankly laughably unpolished.


Firing (and cringing) as you send puny Earthlings skywards with a gun called
the Dislocator.

Issue #30 Score 1/10