13 Games So Bad You Have To Play Them



What is it?

A ‘zany’ cartoon boxer trying to capture the winning wackiness of the old Ready 2 Rumble games.

Why is it pap?

It has the most infuriating AI of any PS3 fighter. You thought Seth in Street Fighter IV was a cheaty, move-spamming scoundrel who deserves to have his innards pecked out by a giant bird, GOW2-style? Try playing this. Facebreaker’s near-indestructible pugilists boast invincible, liquid-metal chins and can seemingly throw hundreds of punches every few seconds. The actual combat is a finesse-free button-basher, too.

Why play it?

For those oh-so glorious titular mug-mangling KO punches. Land a haymaker and an X-ray shows the bones in your opponent’s head break like the most delicate pieces of fine china. The character creation mode also rivals Smackdown for amazing customisation. Oh, and one of its fighters is basically a bloomin’ awesome, giant version of Samuel L Jackson with silver hair.


Shattering an obese voodoo priest’s jaw with a hefty (if mega-cheap) uppercut. He’s not technically a man of the cloth, right?

Issue #23 Score 4/10