FIFA Street PS3 review, Skyrim 1.5 patch and Tali unmasked in Mass Effect 3: PS3 video round up

Warning, ye sea-legged laddie. There be SPOILERS ahead in these PlayStation video waters. In this week’s round up, we’ve got a FIFA Street PS3 review, news on the Skyrim 1.5 PS3 patch and a (SPOILER HEAVY) video of Tali unmasked in Mass Effect 3. Don’t say we didn’t mention the SPOILERS.

FIFA Street review

Safe to say, with record-breaking first weekend sales, the FIFA Street reboot has been an onion bag-blasting success. Read why it’s so good in this video review by our friends over at CVG. If you’d like to read physical words about EA’s showboating soccer sim our FIFA Street PS3 review is here for you.

Mass Effect 3 – Tali unmasked (SPOILERS!!!)

Do not watch the above video unless you really want to see the previously hidden face of a heavily accented alien without playing the actual game. If you’ve got no such qualms, have at the footage above. Read our Mass Effect 3 PS3 review to find out why Shepard’s closing chapter is the best action RPG on PlayStation.