Twisted Metal, FIFA Street, Max Payne 3 – PS3 release date news 15/3/12

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It’s that time of the week that literally none of you have been waiting for: weekly releases time! *dances a lonely jig to the sounds of 99 Luftballons* The good news is that there’s seven – yes, SEVEN – newbies hitting the shelves this Friday (err, unless you happen to be browsing your local branch of GAME, obviously…) so let’s get to it.

Out this week

Remember when Twisted Metal headlined Sony’s E3 conference in 2010? No? Oh that’s right, we don’t talk about that any more. Well it’s here! And, as you’ll see from our rather lovely Twisted Metal review, it’s actually turned out pretty well. Apart from all the child-murdering, obviously…

Even better is FIFA Street, bringing more tricks to the party than the lovechild of Paul Daniels and David Blaine (*shudder*) and doing away with all those pesky FIFA 12 annoyances like actual defending. Even more scary than watching Peter Crouch try and do drag-backs is Silent Hill: Downpour, the resurrection of a series that’s lost it way a bit recently. Well it’s back now, which is good news for any of you who’ve mist it…MIST it. You know, because the game is always full…Why do I bother?

There’s even more slaying undead beasts in Yakuza: Dead Souls, some authentic rat-a-tat-tat action in Birds Of Steel, and a pair of games filled with utterly bonkers nonsense in the form of Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle and Blades Of Time. Which should be enough to tide you over until next week.

Just announced

Before we do this, I think it would be best if you all sat down, braced yourselves and had a relative or close friend nearby. Ok? Here goes: Warriors Orochi 3 has been delayed by a week, and will now come out 6 April. I know, I know. But together, and with the support of our loved ones, we’ll make it through.

Risen 2: Dark Waters has suffered an even worse fate, being pushed back a month to 25 May. They’re obviously having a hAAARRRRRRRd time in development…… Yes, that’s my coat, thanks.

(Oh, and House of the Dead 4 has just been announced for PSN release on 18 April.)

Coming up

The next couple of months are looking quite tasty indeed. Especially if you like the taste of blood. Prototype 2 is going to splatter the sandbox genre with viscera on 27 April, and fans of baldness and substance addiction (that’s all of us, right?) should be polishing their Berettas for Max Payne 3 on 18 May. Until then, keep it Official. Or, if you’re a big Kelly Rowland fan, Keep It Between Us. Either way’s fine.