Great PS3 games that really dropped the ball

Skyrim glitch

Nothing is perfect, not even this sentence Anyway, even great games have got it wrong sometimes. A slight slip up in the mechanics, a poorly signposted mission, or a duff level. Even the rosiest apple can have a bruise, which is why we’re taking at look at some recent games that really dropped the ball in some aspect or area. In some cases it’s a minor thing like Skyrim’s overly chatty NPCs, in other cases it’s Syndicate’s god-awful boss fights that knock off review score points with every grinding second. Then there’s Catherine’s difficult spike, Uncharted 3′s aiming and Batman: Arkham City tutorials, or lack of… 

Syndicate’s boss fights

Synidicate PS3

Leon Hurley, associate editor online

There’s so much that Syndicate gets right: the guns are violently satisfying, the brain-chip hacking powers never get boring – never! – and it’s got Rosario Dawson’s face in it. Presumably, however, that amount of win must have worried Starbreeze because ‘malicious intent’ is the only possible way to explain the God awful boss battles.

They’re beyond ‘terrible’ because ‘terrible’ implies the chance it could have all been an accident. No, the only way the dev team could have come up with Syndicate’s soul destroying, outright offensive boss fights is if they scheduled a meeting, sat down and really thought hard about it.

For example, one boss takes more bullets than everyone else in the entire game combined to kill. He’s just a man. Okay, he’s wearing a nice coat and has a mean line in spinning-kick dodges but no amount of high fashion and dancercise should resist 15 minutes of sustained gun fire.

Another boss encounter forces you to fight with a single hacking ability and makes ‘taking it away from you’ a feature. To clarify: it gives you one thing to use against a cyborg with a rocket launcher and then stops you using it. I’m pretty sure if you play the music backwards at that point you can hear the entire dev team whispering, “We hate yoooouuu.”