What’s on the PSN Store this week: 14/3/12


Heading up the PSN Store contents this week is the Bioshock 2 Complete Pack which contains the game and all the DLC for the not too shabby price of £29.99. There’s plenty of people that argue the Minerva’s Den DLC was better than the main game. There’s also Shoot many Robots (review here) but most importantly Journey. You have to read our Journey review if you’re set on buying this because it really is something special. 

Elsewhere there’s some Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC in the shape of the Nabaat Coliseum Battle, some Disgaea 4 and Dynasty Warriors 7 extras and – yes! – A Touch My Katamari demo for PS Vita. There’s also a mega sale with classics like ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD (available together or separately), Siren Blood Curse, Flow and Flower amoung those getting a price hack.

Head over to the EU Blog for the full list.