Sony boss predicts 10 year life for PS Vita. PSP not dead, either

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PlayStations are like buse… no wait, they’re absolutely bugger all like that number 14 you ride into work every day. While they might not come two at a time, Sony’s consoles are definitely expanding their lifespans. PS3 is into its sixth year, while we’re looking at around eight years for the little handheld that could PSP.

Speaking to Sony UK VP and MD Fergal Gara recently, he talked more in-depth about the sort of life expectancy he expects from Vita and also whether he thinks PSP realistically has anything left in the tank.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK Will PS Vita have a ten year life cycle?

Fergal Gara Well that is the classic PlayStation cycle. You know, one of the things I’ve learned since joining is that PlayStation 2 outsells PlayStation 3 in some territories, which I wouldn’t ever have guessed from the outside, and from working purely in a UK market. So you know, different markets are at different stages of development. The PlayStation Portable is eight years old and it’s not dead yet. It’s not exactly a star seller in the UK right now, but it still sells very well in many other territories. So the 10-year life cycle is still alive and well, and we hope we can repeat that with PlayStation Vita, and it certainly won’t be a worthwhile investment unless it runs for quite a few years.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK And the PSP?

Fergal Gara Er, the PSP, we plan to retain it in the UK market. We don’t have anything like the same sales aspirations for it, certainly now in this, its eighth/ninth year. But we’ll keep it in the market – it’s got a tremendous value position, clearly, so there’s still a market for that. But it will be a small play.