FIFA 12 Ultimate Team guide for obsessives

fifa 12 ultimate team

Want tips for buying and trading players cheaply in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team? Then read the following obsessive monologue to find out the depths one man will plunge in search for a mythical black Argentinian wonder player… 

What’s the first thing you think of in the morning, and the last at night? Brushing your gnashers? Wishing you’d remembered to wash some boxers? Performing unspeakable acts on Pixie Lott? Congratulations: you’re normal.

And from your blissful, straitjacket-free existence, you’re now free to stand, point and laugh when I reveal my answer to the above question: FIFA Ultimate Team. Blonde Pixie? Nah. Black Messi? Hell yes! Pitchforks down. I’ve not suddenly gone all Ron Atkinson – black is the colour of the virtual card Messi comes printed on.

Ultimate Team is a mode in which you form squads by acquiring such cards through purchasing packs of 12, or via an eBay-style auction system. Crap players are bronze. Alright ones are silver. Good ones are gold. And in-form ones – found in packs for one week only, then on auction at premium prices – are black.

And in the midst of trying to acquire these black cards, I’ve gone a bit gaga. Earning coins in Ultimate Team requires you to win matches in the mode – usually 500-700 per single victory, or 1,000-odd per tournament.

But each tournament has different entry requirements: a team of all-gold players, or all-French ones, or made up of guys from only a couple of leagues. As a result, I now have nine separate squads on the go: a Prem one, a Scandinavian one, an MLS one, a Palace past-and-present one… and that’s merely the beginning of the madness.