Mass Effect 3 guide and review, Kara demo and Metal Gear Solid HD Vita: PS3 video round up

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Vita

Vita, is there anything it can’t do? Moving along from our Simpsons-nicking text, we’ll direct your attention to the impressive footage above of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection looking almost as good on Vita as it does on PS3. Why not read our Metal Gear Solid HD Collection PS3 review to find out my Kojima’s HD remixes are masterpieces.

Battlefield 3 commendably dedicated troll

Now this is Spart… eh, trolling. That’s really all there is to say. Here’s our Battlefield 3 PS3 review.

Mass Effect 3 review

Listen to CVG’s spoiler-free Mass Effect 3 review and buy BioWare’s amazing end to its sci-fi trilogy safe in the knowledge you’re purchasing one of the best games of the generation. While you’re at it, read our own Mass Effect 3 review, if for no other reason than a quite splendid paragraph about angry woolly mammoths and 80s guitar solos.