The 10 best ways to die on PlayStation

6. Death by… plastic bag (Manhunt)

On one end of the spectrum you have a game like Bulletstorm that’s full of ludicrous, futuristic weapons designed to murder people as dramatically as possible. On the other end you have Manhunt, a game where a simple household object can be used to extinguish a life just as brutally. Sure, there are hammers and knives and bricks, but it’s the plastic bag that’s the most ass-clenching, especially the way it inflates and deflates as the victim struggles to breathe.


7. Death by… vending machine (Fahrenheit)

In Fahrenheit, each of the main characters has a stress meter. Certain events will fill this up, like witnessing a murder, fleeing from the police, or bumping into an ex-girlfriend. If the meter fills up, your character will commit suicide, and it’s game over. Cool idea, right? Well, sort of. The problem is that little things can fill the meter too, like a vending machine not working. And if it was already almost full, this can actually drive your character to suicide.


8. Death by… pendulum (Saw: The Game)

The Saw movies are popular because, for some reason, people love witnessing the most horrific things imaginable. So it’s obvious the series would make it to the world of video games, and – yes – it’s just as horrible. The worst of all the devices you have to puzzle your way out of is this swinging, sharp-edged pendulum. It gets closer and closer, before swinging gracefully through the centre of your body like so much hot butter. Deeply, deeply unpleasant.


9. Death by… giant (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Be honest: the first time you saw a giant in Skyrim, you tried to kill him. It’s a mistake we’ve all made, and that ended the same way every time: being hurled thousands of feet into the air by his massive club of +10 clubbing. This is the most comical of our list, especially the way the Dragonborn’s body goes limp, as if all his bones suddenly turned to jelly. Don’t worry, though – after about level 20 you’ll be able to get your revenge. Just keep your distance.


10. Death by… crusher (Heavy Rain)

Troubled FBI agent ‘Nawwwmun Jaaahydeeen’ runs into Mad Jack, a lumbering scrapyard worker who, if you fail the ensuing QTE, can kill him in a number of painful ways. Some are fairly unimaginative, like batting his head around with a steel pipe, while others are more wicked, like locking him in a car and lowering it into the mechanical jaws of a car crusher. You have to give David Cage credit: he really knows how to mercilessly kill a lead