The 10 best ways to die on PlayStation


As in life, dying in video games is an inevitability. Throughout our long gaming career, we’ve seen millions of game over screens, but a few stuck in our minds more than others. Here we present the best, most absurd, and most gruesome, deaths in PlayStation history. Nobody likes screwing up when they play a video game, so the best a developer can do is at least make it memorable…

1. Death by… needle (Dead Space 2)

In the Dead Space universe it’s known as the NoonTech Diagnostic Machine; online it’s the ‘eye poke machine’; to us it’s called “Wh… oh god… no… noooo… aaarrrgh!” This terrifying device’s purpose is to access a person’s brain and extract information, but let’s be honest, Visceral just wanted to freak us out. It’s a fairly simple mini-game, but if you screw it up a fist of jagged metal comes crashing down on Isaac’s shrieking face like a macabre smoothie maker.


2. Death by… melting (Resident Evil 4)

In most games, when your character dies they just slump to the floor in a pile of floppy ragdoll limbs. In Resident Evil 4, you see everything in dizzyingly gory detail. One of the most disturbing is when Leon gets too close to the novistadors (Spanish for ‘The Unseen’) – giant insects that turn invisible – and they grab him. If your health is low, they’ll puke up a foul liquid that strips the flesh from his face, leaving only a bloody, peering skull.


3. Death by… guided bullet (Bulletstorm)

Of the many wonderfully brutal and disturbing ways to kill an enemy in Bulletstorm, perhaps the most satisfying is using the Head Hunter sniper rifle to guide bullets through the air in slow-motion. Of course, the first thing you’re going to do is steer one into some dude’s nuts – and Bulletstorm knows it. The ‘nutcracker’ skillshot is earned whenever you pilot a shot into an enemy’s groin, and you get bonus points if you throw explosive ammo into the monstrous mix.


4. Death by… shark (Scarface: The World Is Yours)

This underrated free-roaming crime epic had a novel way of keeping you out of the water. While early Grand Theft Auto games simply killed you if you set foot in the ocean, Scarface lulled you into a false sense of security by letting you move around in the water for about 30 seconds, before sending a bloody great shark after you. The beast would grab Tony in its jaws and pull him beneath the waves for an instant, hilarious death.


5. Death by… sawblade (Limbo)

Limbo is a game in which death is a gameplay mechanic. You learn by doing – and by dying, over and over again. Despite the stylised, silhouetted visuals, every death is incredibly graphic; especially those that involve our hero tumbling into whirring sawblades. The instant he makes contact with one, his body separates into a handful of tiny, fleshy chunks. In a way, not seeing all the bloody details makes it even more vivid in your mind’s eye.