David Cage outlines how Kara demo tech improves on Heavy Rain

Kara quantic dream ps3 tech demo

Speaking in an interview with the EU PlayStation Blog Quantic Dream’s boss David Cage has spoken about the technology advances in his Kara PS3 demo, and how things have advanced since Heavy Rain and The Casting, his previous tech demo. He says it’s been a “a big investment” and “a very interesting process”. Mainly, though, he’s been blowing the budget on cameras. 

Cage says that Quantic Dream want to “get even more quality and more emotion”. Achieving that, however, will involve the studio being able to “capture body, face, voice together and really capture the performance of the actor in one take”. Hence going crazy in the camera department. “We invested a lot with motion capture cameras,” says Cage. “Heavy Rain was shot with 28 cameras, for Kara we moved the studio to 65 cameras. We have now a sound proof studio because we wanted to record the voice final audio at the same time.”

The tech upgrades also include the engine according to Cage. “We have decided to develop a brand new 3D engine pretty much from scratch. We wanted to really improve the visual quality of out next games and we felt had to change many thing so we just decided to start with a new engine.”