Mass Effect 3 review, Journey and Uncharted 3 DLC : the weekly PlayStation news round up 9/3/12

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This month’s PlayStation round up has plenty of love for PSN with Journey behind the scenes videos and interviews, Starhawk beta updates and fresh info on Dust 514. There’s also our Mass Effect 3 review, details on Uncharted 3′s co-op shade survival mode DLC and plenty more. Have a great weekend.


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Meet the real Kara from Quantic Dream’s amazing PS3 tech demo, actress Valorie Curry.

Find out more about the amazing Journey in this interview with Austin Wintory.

Find out whether you should go into space with our Mass Effect 3 PS3 review.

How do you want to go? The ten best ways to die on PlayStation.

Assassin’s Creed 3 first trailer and screens reveal release date, new character Connor, and epic American Revolutionary War era

Weekend Essentials 116 - Begin the final battle in Mass Effect 3, prove yourself in Unit 13 and go on an unforgettable Journey this weekend with PlayStation.

Vote for your favourite PlayStation 3 gameLet us know which PS3 title you’ve enjoyed the most over the past five years

Hands on with Frobisher Says! Find out how Frobisher Says! will have you performing utterly bizarre and completely hilarious tasks on PS Vita.

Game Talk: Journey - Begin your epic adventure with this exclusive interview with thatgamecompany.


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Get the edge in Unit 13 on PS Vita with these training videos: Part 2 – Game Types.

Find out more about the vehicles of Dust 514.

Uncharted 3′s Co-Op Shade Survival Mode detailed, Final Fortune Hunters’ Club DLC coming in April.

The Starhawk beta update adds 32 players, tanks and jetbikes. Get involved.

Find out more about the incredible Journey with this behind the scenes video.