Hitman Absolution: new gameplay footage shows Assassin’s Creed crowd stealth, great tie physics


IO are at GDC at the moment showing off some tech demos. Specifically how to simulate a large (and I mean huge) crowd’s reaction to a bald man waving a gun (weirdly, people really don’t seem to like that). This new footage reveals a new China Town level and seems to show 47 hiding among small crowds, Ezio style. 

The video shows 47 moving through a crowd with small groups lighting up when he stands among them. Either this makes him less obvious to enemies or indicates he can use his Instinct mode to blend in with NPCs. It’s a largely academic question because, in the demo, they pull a gun and start shooting in to the throng.

Here’s the clever bit: people run away from guns. There’s a Power Point slide displaying something called The Crowd Framework and some techy stuff showing how the game engine works it all out but the basic maths revolves around ‘getting the hell away from the crazy shooty man’. The tie’s brilliant, though. Who needs next gen?

Thanks videogameszone.de