Sony boss on Move: “We could have done a better job”


During an interview with Sony UK VP and MD Fergal Gara I had a chance to ask him about Sony’s Move controller. Specifically its current position in the market and it’s future on PlayStation. Previously we’d spoken about Sony’s ‘interesting stuff’ due at this years E3 and what the PS Vita has to do to be a success

Official PlayStation Magazine UK As a piece of tech Move is great, it works and it’s a really interesting experience, but it does feel like it’s fallen a bit towards the EyeToy side of things, where it’s for family games that flap around a bit. Apart from Resistance 3, it hasn’t really seen much of a mainstream push. Do you think it’s fallen into that position, and is it going to be brought back into a mainstream role?

Fergal Gara What I’m thinking is that it’s better suited towards the casual market, certainly, but we also are pretty clear that we could have done a better job on the titles we’ve had and we’ve brought to market for the PlayStation Move. As you’ve said, great tech, probably not so great applications so far. So there’s a job for us to do on the strength of games, and having seen what’s forthcoming gives me great hope that we can do a better job with Move as we look forward. So we’re certainly not forgetting about it.

OPM So it’s still fluid, it’s still being worked on?

FG Absolutely, still being worked on.