How Medal Of Honor: Warfighter can outshoot Call Of Duty

medal of honor warfighter modern warfare 3

Whether it’s Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 or Modern Warfare 4 (alright, almost certainly the former) Medal Of Honour: Warfighter will be up against an Activision FPS juggernaut come Crimbo. While EA’s new shooter is unlikely to peg back the Biggest Damn Entertainment Franchise In The History Of The World Eva, it can certainly break new technical and narrative ground to overtake it critically.

So here’s some ways we think Metal Of Honour Warfighter can outgun Call Of Duty in the po-faced military shooter stakes this year.

Tell a story that’s more than just loud noises and blowing the Eiffel Tower to sh*t

Little Timmy from Massachusetts might love mowing down men with an M4 carbine, but he’s also sick of every Call Of Duty substituting an actual plot for moustached men shouting murderous, motivational slogans at each other. “HOLD ON, SOLDIER! WE’RE SO DAMN CLOSE TO THE REALLY MANLY EXTRACTION POINT!”

Honestly, the only thing I can remember from Modern Warfare 3’s (admittedly daftly fun) campaign was some US marines accidentally levelling half of Paris.


Judging by Warfighter’s press release, though, EA’s shooter could tell a unique tale of a returning soldier struggling to cope with family life. Well, unique(ish) for a game.

Rather than just detonating landmarks with 27lbs of C4 or ‘getting to the choppa!’, the setting for Warfighter’s plot hints it could cover the sort of genuinely adult thematic ground of post traumatic stress (think Homeland) or the isolation of trying to reconnect to civilian life (ala The Dear Hunter).

Do Warfighter and a stag-murdering De Niro have more in common than you might think?

It could all be badly scripted, ‘told through hokey flashbacks’ pap, of course. But it at least looks like the new Medal Of Honor is trying to broaden the narrative horizons of the genre.

Frostbite 2.0 powered destruction

Damn near stupendous during parts of Battlefield 3, so we demand more wanton environmental smashy-smashy stuff served up by the DICE-developed über engine. From a wider gameplay standpoint, this is the key advantage EA’s shooters now have over COD.

We approve of things going BOOM!

Modern Warfare’s engine is becoming increasingly creaky and there’s no doubt Battlefield 3 trumped MW3 in the technical department. But we want more than blisteringly polished purdy visuals or advanced crumbling debris physics. We want a level of environmental fidelity that means Warfighter’s destruction constantly changes the way you have to play.

Just imagine wide-scale destructible cover on a grand level continually forcing you to adapt to your ever changing surroundings. The Bad Company games have hinted at this in the past, but hopefully Frostbite 2.0 and Medal Of Honor: Warfighter can combine to give us a more interactive virtual battlefield than we’ve ever seen.