Hitman: Absolution GDC demo shows off gun-powered crowd control

Hitman Absolution GDC tech demo

German site videogameszone.de have posted a talk by IO about crowd control in Hitman: Absolution. It follows on from the screen they revealed a few days ago showing what Hitman: Absolution’s 1200 strong crowds would look like. This video isn’t as good as the full playthrough videogameszone.de posted initially then immediately took down but it’s better than nothing.

The presenter speaks German but the actual demo is in English and shows how the crowd react when 47 pulls a gun. Here’s a clue: there’s running and screaming.

The system uses an occlusion system to create a space around 47 if he pulls out a weapon. Effectively, and obviously, people run away from the bald crazy man with a gun. You can see the full thing here.