Guerilla have 3 games on the way. Only two of them are Killzone

Killzone 3

[The Order: 1866 has been filed and could be Guerilla's next gameKillzone 4 will release as a PS4 launch title late 2013 according to source.]

Speaking at GDC, Guerilla’s art director Jan-Bart van Beek has said that the studio has three games in development. One is Killzone on PS Vita, from the newly incorporated Sony Cambridge, and one is ‘continuing the franchise’ The other? Well, that’s secret. 

The ‘continuing the franchise’ bit doesn’t make it clear whether it’s Killzone 4 or DLC for number 3. The latter would make sense considering the current game’s recent rebirth as a free-to-play multiplayer shooter.

The last, as yet unannounced game began life as an open call for team-members to pitch ideas internally. That lead to 32 submissions which were then whittled down to four.

Van Beek isn’t saying what pitch finally won but one of the runners up started life as steampunk Sherlock Holmes taking on B-movie monsters which then evolved into a 70s cop character, before getting canned.

Safe to say then that whatever the next game is, it’s going to be different.

Thanks IGN

Check out Killzone 3 in action.