The AR card madness begins: Reality Fighter giants brawl in the street

AR card main image

This feels like the start of an arms race of sorts. Props then to Paul Beeston and Andy Williams for testing just how big you can take Reality Fighters. This high street madness came about after Andy casually mentioned he could print two meter cards. The obvious thing to do with this knowledge was then to take to the pavement and see just how big you could go. 

Apparently they got “funny looks from passersby” but were otherwise left alone. Paul is apparently waiting for Wipeout’s AR museum so he can get a life size Feisar on the go, while the two are also planing an eight meter AR card “with the black part in pieces so we can make any combination of AR pattern”.

Here’s my attempt at making a big Realirt Fighters AR card although it’s only a couple of feet.