Bioshock Infinite Motorized Patriot trailer

Bioshock Infinite Mechanical Patriot

After today’s reveal of Bioshock Infinite’s Motorized Patriot, a murderous clockwork George Washington with a minigun, Irrational Games have followed it up with a video showing the creepy thing in action.

According to Ken Levine his origins are as an animatronic museum style exhibit. “Originally, you see him in a non-combat way. You see him performing various functions in the city. He’s a tour guide at a museum, a greeter at a street fair. All these other things used just as a friendly tool in the city.”

You can also make use of him yourself by hacking him and taking over control. It’s not clear whether that’s the harmless city guide version or the nasty one. Either way a seven foot robot is a good thing to have to hand.

Key to beating the thing is out maneuvering it. It looks like it’s slow to turn, enabling you to get around the side and shoot at its exposed gears, peeling off the layers and exposing its robot under-bits until you defeat it.

See Bioshock Infinite’s Motorized Patriot in action in this trailer.

Thanks Eurogamer