PlayStation’s best Easter Eggs

Easter eggs

We love an in-joke, a giggle, a laugh and we really like finding them and showing off to all our mates that despite the lack of vitamin D in our lives we’ve managed to find another rude thing that Snake does to a woman on the PSP. So it is with typically arthritic largesse and knuckles like Jacob’s Crackers that we present our selection of the best easter eggs in PlayStation history (sadly absent of actual chocolate).

As ever, any you think we’ve unjustly missed then let us know in the comments thread and you’ll win a special prize. That prize is, of course, our respect. It’s valuable in a metaphorical sense.


1. Vita Golden Abyss – Breaking the Fourth Wall

If we haven’t made it abundantly clear before, let us do it now, we love Nathan Drake and wish we could hang out with him outside of his adventures; which this easter egg gives us a little opportunity to do. It’s the equivalent of a blooper reel but fully rendered into the game if you manage to play through on ‘Crushing’.


2. Heavy Rain – Unhappy Memories

There were moments in Heavy Rain where you’d be more cheerful having a conversation with Morrissey about the finer details of the holocaust and this is one of them. After you’ve got Shaun to bed, nip into your office (previously your dead son’s room) and switch on the telly for a healthy dose of intravenous misery (at 8.00 minutes into this video).


 3. Uncharted 3 – The Last of Us


Ophiocordyceps unilateralis’ is the barely pronounceable fungus that infects insects and makes them act all crazy until they pass on their infection, it’s also the cause (we think) of the crazy fungi-headed bad guys in Naughty Dog’s latest opus, The Last of Us. So imagine our surprise when we found this headline in the corner of the Pelican Inn…


4. Metal Gear Solid 4 – MGS limited edition PS3

Despite flirting with other consoles in recent times, Snake and Co are always ready to show a bit of PlayStation love. Pop upstairs with the robot during the cutscene at the end of act 2 to get a look at this limited edition MGS PS3, truly a little love letter from Hideo himself.


5. Crysis 2 – Disco Inferno

A favourite in the OPM office because it is so wonderfully pointless. On the ‘Dead Man Walking’ level after you exit the lift, press both the seemingly redundant lift buttons to be greeted by a pair of guards giving it everything they’ve got with some full on spank/thrust dance action, a sight usually reserved for post deadline celebrations.